05.24.10 Spider vs. Sparrow

But I’m captain Jack Sparrow! 🙂

24 Responses to 05.24.10 Spider vs. Sparrow

  1. Midwestmom says:

    Poor Annabelle 😦 I feel for her . But Kudos to the Johnny Depp / Sparrow (double) very impressive. One question did Jack Sparrow run out of rum is that why he left the fair Maiden Annabelle?

    • spilledinkguy says:

      Hahaha … what a bad day at the Ink Offices!

      I think Annabelle left the cartoon just a few moments before J.D. made his brief appearance. It seems he would have agreed to be part of the production otherwise. 🙂

  2. Bearman says:

    Does anyone eat curds and whey anymore?

  3. George says:

    Great job on the pirate, Robert! 🙂

  4. David says:

    Hey, I don’t mind spiders, just as long as they aren’t IN my curds and whey.

  5. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Great one Robert. Poor Annabelle.

  6. DadaHyena says:

    Wooo! Nice Muffet outfit!

  7. Lynn says:

    nice johhny depp toon, he’s dreamy..

    • spilledinkguy says:

      Thanks, Lynn. And I have heard that rumor! 🙂

      • Lynn says:

        i’m picturing what you would look like too, in real life.. the spiky hair and goatee looks right up my alley…oops, if you’re married i’m sorry. 😦

      • spilledinkguy says:

        Not to worry, Lynn!
        In real life I look more like a lucky troll (only my arms are squishier)! 🙂

  8. jb says:

    Hey man that’s cool. Good job on Captin Jack. Hey Anabelle remeber there is always next time. Savy.

    • spilledinkguy says:

      Hahaha … thanks, man!

      “I think we’ve all arrived at a very special place. Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically.” – captain jack 🙂

  9. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Johnny Depp can play some strange characters. Maybe he will play me in the “Bo Lumpkin Story.” I hope by the time I’m dead he will be old enough.

    • spilledinkguy says:

      The “Bo Lumpkin Story” is gonna’ be epic (let’s get J.D. working on it because there are many, many exciting chapters yet to come)! 🙂

  10. jill says:

    even individually they can cause problems!! 🙂

    • spilledinkguy says:

      Hahaha … absolutely, Jill! In fact, my wife has me on constant spider protection patrol! 🙂

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